Широкий ассортимент
Широкий ассортимент

Мы разработали и производим около 100 наименований уникальных рецептур со схемами использования в салоне красоты и дома

Эффективность и безопасность
Эффективность и безопасность

Все компоненты и готовая продукция проходит испытания в аккредитованных лабораториях и специализированных клиниках

Контроль качества
Контроль качества

Мы контролируем качество каждого флакона и сопровождаем весь путь применения косметологами, что дает нам уверенность в продукте и знания для постоянного улучшения

 My name is Reseda Nurislamova. I am a pharmacist, chemical process engineer and skincare developer. For 20+ years, my passion has been to create unique recipes and solutions for rejuvenation and targeted action on various skin conditions. Today, ResedaOdor is a brand with a wide range of professional molecular facial skincare. Every day, our team of process engineers, beauty professionals and dermatologists are
commited to steering targeted results for you.

 Our skin care products contain a therapeutic dose of active ingredients with proven clinical efficacy. The basic components are safe, hand-picked to match physiological skin parameters, such as pH, microbiome, act in synergy and promote better penetration of active molecules to target cells. Our products are easy to use, versatile and geared towards quick targeted results. We have developed regimens for professional application and guides for at-home skincare

 The most valuable thing here is our customized approach. With ResedaOdor, you as a beauty professional are able to offer one-of-a-kind services and procedures and recommend individual molecules or blends for each particular client.

 Discover healthy beauty with us!

 Sincerely, Reseda Nurislamova


• parabens
• dyes
• mineral oils
• heavy silicones
• and other harsh and dubious components

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